Extended Presenter show-reel

It took me long enough but I finally got round to putting together my show-reel. As a shy and socially awkward individual, I must admit I felt extremely proud being able to look back on a collection of interviews and pieces with some extremely beautiful and amazingly talented entertainers/creative individuals. I can see not only the improvement in the quality of my interviews but also the improvement in my self confidence and on screen persona. I wish I could feature everything and everyone in this reel but sadly I cannot. Major shout out to my lovely and talented friend Eric Swiz ( Director of www.SFTUfilm.com and Co founder of Scheme engine www.SchemeEngine.com ) for editing the reel and putting up with my demands. Also the talented Heron (www.HeronGibran.com) my A1 since day1 for lending me his talents and being there for me in NY from the start. Also many thanks to Henry Nunez for his trust in me and the super amazing and beautiful Tineke Timmerman (www.in-town.nl) for her website and creative skills . I also have to admit that I am super lazy about updating my site, I swear I am working on getting better at this!! For now enjoy my reel and you can browse the internet for other interviews not featured on my site due to my laziness xo #TheOtherEve