Actor and director Edward James Olmos attended this years Summer Soiree held at The Music Centre in Los Angeles in order to celebrate the work of star Rita Moreno. The talented actor walked the red carpet to the delight of his many fans and stopped by to discuss the star of the night ‘Rita Moreno’, his career, his political views and what we can do as a public to make the world a better place. Olmos who is no stranger to activism spoke passionately about America’s defining moments, the recent scope of police brutality and the up coming presidential election.
Famous for many iconic roles such as Lieutenant Martin ‘Marty’ Castillo in Miami Vice, William Adama in the updated “Battlestar Galactica”, Detective Gaff in ‘Blade Runner’, Stand and Deliver for which he was nominated for an academy award in a leading role. The Oscar nominee also discusses the battles he encounters being a Hispanic male in Hollywood and whether the type casting of Hispanics has changed from earlier in his career compared to the current nature of Hollywood and its treatment of people of color now that he is both more seasoned and more accomplished.
Olmos spoke of his delight at attending the event and looking forward to having the opportunity to say thank you to Rita Moreno for the many years of entertainment, friendship and being a great influence to multiple generations of entertainers. As many people, Olmos recounted his first experience of Rita Moreno’s iconic character in “west Side Story” and having followed her career since the movie.
After a lengthy conversation with the talented multi talented actor, I waved off Olmos to enjoy his start-studded night.
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